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Wolf Colony

Based out of both New York City and Los Angeles, wolfcolony is the brainchild of singer-songwriter "Wolf”, who teamed up ...

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Based out of both New York City and Los Angeles, wolfcolony is the brainchild of singer-songwriter «Wolf”, who teamed up with producer Neal Sarin simply for the sake of making music while they were students at the University Of Miami. The pair had no intention on reaching the masses, with the project focusing on music as an opportunity to find a viable medium of expression through their emotionally driven sound and deeply personal lyricism. The first album will be completely produced by Sarin, with future albums being a collaboration of many other producers. After releasing singles “Beauty”, “Calling” and “Youth”, an EP titled “Welcome to the Wild Side” is scheduled to be released in September, with the full-length album being dropped over December.

wolfcolony set out to deliver a unique blend of electronic indie pop, characterized by lush, lo-fi atmospheres with a really organic, candle-lit feel. For an act so centered on an electronic music work frame, it might be really tempting to indulge into unnecessary over-editing and over-production, but wolfcolony chose instead to adorn their songs with relatively bare arrangements dominated by a few, high-impact elements that offer a roomy, massive, yet intimate and honest soundscape.

wolfcolony’s aesthetics and imagery is as vital as the music itself: Wolf’s iconic appeal complements the music, adding to the stories and meaning of their lyrical content. wolfcolony is particularly keen on enhancing the live show experience, not only performing material in front of the audience, but creating a truly interactive and involving multi-media performance entitled “Choices”. Within these particular live shows, wolfcolony relates to the crowd on a brand new level, focusing on the concept of personality dichotomy, so close to the wolfcolony project: so many people struggle every single day to cope with the burden of reality: some simply face it, taking life as it comes, while other individuals feel the need to modify this reality, at least on a subjective level, tailoring their own experience of existence to their own personal sensibility and unique perspective.

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